The Honoring Ceremony

Experience the Transformative Power of Song

Receiving a song created in the moment, inspired by the highest intention for your life, can be a transformative experience. Whether through a Personal Songportrait or a group session, called the Honoring Ceremony, this is an opportunity to listen to the wisdom of your heart in song, as reflected through the voice and guitar of intuitive artist Michael Stillwater.

While addressing a wide variety of themes and issues, the songs born in either a Personal Songportrait or Honoring Ceremony gently guide the listener towards a deeper sense of self-acceptance, confidence and peace.

An Honoring Ceremony can have any number of participants, with several new songs created within the timeframe.  The life-affirming quality of every song, while uniquely attuned to the recipient, is often deeply touching for other participants. Thus every Honoring Ceremony results in an album of original songs which remarkably, each in their own way, touch the heart of our humanity.

Honoring Ceremonies are held either in physical space or online; they may be comprised of strangers who meet only after registering for the experience, or groups who already work, study, heal or worship together. For participants already familiar with each other, the Ceremony often serves as way of deepening the connection, trust and caring for each other.

A song inspired by one person may inspire another-  each song has the potential to unlock rooms inside which have been waiting, sometimes for a long time, for oxygen, for light, for warmth.

A Personal Songportrait includes up to four original songs, inspired by your themes and intentions, created and recorded by Michael in your presence.  The process is an honoring of one’s own being, often providing new insights.

Songportrait may be experienced online through Zoom or Skype
Songportrait may be shared with a family member, partner or friend
Songportrait may be gifted to someone else

(MP3 album and illustrated lyric booklet
are available after each honoring ceremony and songportrait).

Some responses to this album:

Listen to Michael’s latest album, Stillwater: Intuitive Music / Empathic Songs. These songs, selected for their beauty and universality from amongst hundreds of songportraits and ceremonies over the years, allow the listener to be a witness to the moment of their original creation.

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