Unlock Your Creativity

If you feel ready to emerge into fuller vocal expression, we recommend practicing with SongSourcing- The Art of Imaginative Songmaking.  Even a few minutes of SongSourcing can breathe new possibility into your imagination. It is an invitation to leave behind ideas of inadequacy around your capacity to create, and open to the transforming power of your storyteller and songmaker.

Discover the joy of spontaneous songmaking through a simple yet highly effective integrative method for creative self-expression.

Participants are guided past self-consciousness and self-judgment into what is, for many, a profound reconnection with self and opening to others.

The Natural Art of Songmaking


In this video, Michael Stillwater introduces SongSourcing– a fun, effective and creative approach for anyone to enter into the world of songmaking.


To venture further into the world of natural songmaking, participate in a Song Sanctuary seminar- or download the SongSourcing Trackpack and play on your own, with friends and classmates.



SongSourcing Trackpack
Audio Tools for Imaginative Songmaking


Dan Siegel, MD
author, Mindsight

“A wonderful tool for creative exploration”

Siobhan Robinsong
voice educator, Victoria, BC

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An environment where one’s natural being can flourish, free from the inner critic, and where one can embrace the music of who they truly are.

An immersive experience in songwriting, intuitive songmaking, songleading and guitar artistry for those
wishing to enrich their musical pathway.

Singing together with others helps us remember who we are when we ‘get out of the way’, often resulting in a profound and joyful reconnection.