Our Intention

The series provides a cinematic framework for acknowledging the creative pulse of life- showing how each person’s connection and expression of this ‘Great Song’ is essential to the fabric of wholeness. A wider freedom of expression and increased understanding is possible, promoting peace while encouraging individual and collective expression.

Following worldwide acclaim for our 2012 documentary, Shining Night,
our second film, In Search of the Great Song, was released in 2016.
Our third film, Beyond the Fear of Singing, premiered in Vienna, Austria, in 2019.

by Stephan Thelen

‘A man, an island, and music that moves the world.’
Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen explores one man’s experience of listening and transmitting the music he hears.

‘Fifty voices. Twelve countries. One question.’ (2016)
People from around the world- artists, traditional leaders, scientists, and others- respond to the perennial question ‘What is the Great Song for you?’

‘Unlock Your Voice. Release Your Song.’ (2019)
Explores coming home to one’s own voice, no matter how long it takes. Featuring international voice educators, performers and those awakening to their voice.