Your original, intuitive songs captured the essence of the moment and clearly aided our work in articulating a mission statement that reflected our deepest concerns. Thank you so much for your gift to each of us
and the Foundation.

-N.S., participant

honoring album

CD Available: The Honoring- Songs for Healing, Empowerment & Awakening,
features a collection of songs recorded at Honoring Ceremonies in America and Europe.

Many thanks for your "HONORING CEREMONY".
I love your songs and since our event
I sing almost every day at home.
This singing makes me free and balanced,
and last but not least happy!
-B.A., participant, Austria

Michael deeply touches the heart when he creates an intuitive healing song, a great medicine for body and soul
without harmful side-effects
-Wolfgang Bossinger
music therapist & author
The Healing Power of Singing


It truly was magical to watch Michael create a song portrait.The fact that he could spontaneously compose such wonderful songs was amazing in itself– but then seeing and feeling the impact of those songs on both myself and the others around me was incredibly profound.
-J.B, Participant

In your songs and your playing you expressed the warmth, intimacy and shared love we were all feeling, yet weren't quite able to express. I really appreciate having the recording to listen to. It came out so clear and beautiful. The Honoring Ceremony could help many groups come back to their core, to realize the significance of their mission.
-M.W., participant

Before the ceremony we had been struggling with hurt feelings, unspoken discontent, misunderstandings, and alienation; after, the original connection to ourselves and our work was restored, we felt more of our unity behind the surface differences, even an intimate communion.

You served as a kind of midwife for the final draft of our mission statement. You were a kind of magician whose soulful music and empathic presence turned dark and divisive energy into luminous and connected awareness while demonstrating a model of deep listening, especially to the subtle movements of the soul, its secret longings, within and behind the words each of us spoke. I know I speak for everyone on the board when I say the evening was an incalculable blessing for all of us.
-Toby Symington
Lloyd Symington Foundation


In response to themes spoken by participants, original songs are created and recorded, spontaneously, in the moment. For the song themes, participants are free to ask for anything or state their personal intention for their life.

The Honoring combines the transformative power of music with the shared intention of participants. Our inherent worth and capacity for empathy and compassion is recognized. These original songs simultaneousy benefit the recipient and the other participants. The power of presence and intention, echoed through participant-sung choruses, is easy to feel.

The Honoring songs are recorded for participants to receive afterward as an extension, reinforcement and remembrance of the experience. The recording, sent afterward as mp3 files via email, provides an ongoing 'music medicine' for whenever a participant wishes to reconnect to the songs. An attractive lyric booklet transcribed from the original songs created during the Honoring ceremony is included.

Listen to excerpts from original Honoring songs, including: A Perfect Opening, I’m Flying (Through My Living Dream), A Healing Peace, Just Like This, Forever Now and In My Heart. (Created/recorded during Honoring Ceremonies in Germany, March, 2016)

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"The Honoring was my first contact with you and your gifted presence. I had no idea what I went for - but I went with an open mind and heart, and was deeply touched by the ceremony and the whole evening. I love how your songs deal with all the human themes we share. It was also very inspiring for my own process, furthering the awareness of my own 'ten thousand songs' inside of me!

"Thank you also for recording these songs and giving them to us as a present, even with song lyrics transcribed! (All created so lovingly- and super simple to access and download.) I will continue to listen to your powerful but soothing voice that carries so much love and kindness. It's easy to lay down on that sound and get carried away."

-Monika Herrmann
Cologne, Germany

The Honoring is offered as its own event or as part of Song Sanctuary seminars and retreats. Available for small or large groups, including unaffiliated individuals, work teams, associations, congregations, school assemblies, and inter-disciplinary or mixed groups, such as an assembly of health providers, patients and families or gathering of several congregations.

About Intuitive Musical Artist, Michael Stillwater

Michael's first intuitive song as a musical artist was created in June, 1977. Since then, he has offered intuitive songs in private sessions and group circles around the world. The songs are created in a wide variety of situations. Thousands of songs, each unique to the recipient, have been recorded over 40 years.

Listen to songs from the CD, The Honoring.

Michael speaks about a song inspired during Honoring in Seattle, Washington.

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