Music provides a doorway for the heart and soul to remember our inherent connection to what matters most in life. Whether listening, participating or creating, music gives an opportunity for us to feel and enjoy our part in the Great Song.

Our newest release is an album of Michael Stillwater’s original contemporary chants and intuitive songportraits, recorded live through several years of musical gatherings and private sessions, orchestrated afterwards in the studio. It offers the listener an audible window into the globally emergant world of devotional ‘heart singing’, as well as the unique artistry of intuitive songmaking.


Many of the chants (repeated choruses) originated as ‘songportraits’- spontaneous, intuitively created songs responding to one person’s request or theme . Several of these original songportraits are included on the album, with orchestration underscoring the music and words.



Further your guitar playing thru No Mind Guitar, Michael’s unique guitar method book, as well as individual or group lessons on Zoom. Read more here.

You may now access our music digitally via mp3 download or USB-stick, in a variety of high-value packages.


SongPortraits via phone or Skype include intuitively-created original songs inspired by your intentions, vision and purpose.


Song & Chant CDs

Listen to songs and chants created for healing and reconnecting to the heart of life, including ChantWave at Grace Cathedral and The Honoring.


Instrumental CDs

Instrumental music includes our SongSourcing Trackpack One for improvising your own words and melodies over simple harmonic patterns.


Intentional spoken word with music, such as Graceful Passages, allows the listener to receive inspiration at a deep level.



Songbooks (print or digital) provide singers and instrumentalists with a wide repertoire of inspiring material.