In response to your essential themes, original songs are created, spontaneously, in the moment.  You may ask for anything or state a personal intention-  for healing, empowerment, self-acceptance, relationship, release-  whatever may be beneficial for your life.


“Uniting the heartful intention of the recipient
and the intuitive listening of the artist
with the transforming power of music.”

Songs are recorded as an extension, reinforcement and archive of the experience. The recording, sent afterward as mp3 files via email, provides an ongoing ‘music medicine’ for whenever a recipient wishes to reconnect to the songs.

SongPortraits are available for individuals, couples and groups (called the Honoring Ceremony).

(note: unless commissioned otherwise, a song portrait is recorded as a voice & guitar audio recording, and does not include video or orchestration).

Below are video examples of Michael’s spontaneous guitar and vocal style

About the Artist

Michael Stillwater’s first intuitive song as a musical artist was created in June, 1977. Since then, he has offered intuitive songs in private sessions and group circles around the world. Thousands of songs, each unique to the recipient, have been recorded over 40 years.

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