SongSourcing Trackpack One-
Find Your Voice, Sing Your Song
contains 30 background tracks for catalyzing your creativity.

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a 'playshop' for healing
a refuge for creativity
an effortless approach to songmaking

There is a songwriter in everyone.
SongSourcing helps remove internal barriers, allowing the inner songwriter
to be free to create.

-Donny Pike
former singer/songwriter, The Lettermen

I came away from SongSourcing with the joyful realization that at any moment,
at any time, there is a song inside us,
waiting to be shared.

-Deva Premal
singer/recording artist

I was completely delighted and surprised- mostly by the fact that I could do it, and by how it revealed hidden parts of my psyche. Engaging the singing voice in verbal free-association
makes this a wonderful

tool for self-exploration.
-Shivon Robinsong, Founder
Gettin' Higher Choir, Victoria, BC

SongSourcing gives me a daily practice I can do anytime, anywhere. With stunning simplicity it unlocks the intelligence of my own body, using my voice as healing medicine.

Deva Vani, Music Director
Universal Spirit Center, San Diego


Forget your perfect offering.
There's a crack in everything-
that's how the light gets in.

-Leonard Cohen


At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which connects us to everything else. — George Leonard

Discover the joy of spontaneous songmaking through a simple yet highly effective integrative method for creative self-expression.

Participants are guided past self-consciousness and self-judgment into what is, for many, a profound reconnection with self and opening to others.

Listen to an introduction by SongSourcing creator, Michael Stillwater,
with background music from SongSourcing TrackPack One.

In a SongSourcing workshop, beginners discover their voice, open their heart, and learn more about the gift of their own presence. Those already comfortable with their singing voice meet new creative possibilities.

Breakthroughs may be experienced, states of freedom and insight which may have otherwise taken years to achieve. Some say they overcome fears which had locked them down for ages; others feel a peaceful sense of coming home to themselves.

Video on integrative neurological benefits of SongSourcing (7:35)
(pause auto-music-player while viewing video)

SongSourcing provides an incredible experience of letting the inside out
-Dan J. Siegel, MD author, The Mindful Brain

By engaging both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, an elevated state naturally occurs, impossible to achieve with only the linear mind engaged.

Entering the territory of the present moment, each one is supported in overcoming shyness, inhibition, and self-consciousness. SongSourcing also shines a compassionate light on hidden places, and invites more acceptance of one's self.

'SongSourcing taps into the power of the voice, sound and narratives.
The music/sound interacts with one's body/energy system triggering resistance,
resonance and/or release. One's voice in turn, using sounds and/or words,
provides the perfect expression of one's personal story.
The organic and intuitive essence of these simple exercises bypasses
the rational mind and creates closeness and intimacy,
which results in insightful glimpses into a healed, creative song-making soul"

-Sara Machado, workshop participant
Holistic Voice Therapy practitioner

Join healing music artist, filmmaker and educator Michael Stillwater in this opportunity to leave behind your limitations and experience a deeper appreciation for yourself and others. A 'spiritual midwife' for people in transition, Michael is gifted at catalyzing supportive experiences for meeting oneself anew.

SongSourcing is an outgrowth of SongCare, Michael's private practice of intuitive songportraits, and is at the heart of his Song Sanctuary program. SongSourcing has been introduced in America and internationally in concert halls, churches, hospices, and private homes.

Presently SongSourcing is being developed as an expressive arts program for children and youth by Alternatives, a Virginia-based nonprofit with 30 years experience in creative educational programming. The following is a video about this development.

SongSourcing in development for kids and youth. (9:50)
(pause auto-music-player while viewing video)

SongSourcing is:

• A communication practice helping anyone overcome fear and embrace their own heart.

• A safe place for your innocence and wisdom to coexist in the presence of your unknowing,

• An avenue for creative expression for your feelings and intuitions while providing an invitation and witness for others to grow in your presence.

• A practice to develop intuition and cultivate empathy

• A method for developing sensitivity in listening and practice in the art of receiving.

• An opportunity for being out of control in a safe environment, and with a method that anyone can access, regardless of talent or level of proficiency, thus easing anxieties and stress.

• Practice in speaking and singing from your heart.

Note:A SongSourcing workshop is successful because of the safety and trust established through a method of expressing, witnessed by one person at a time. No participant is ever forced to sing in front of the group!

Scheduling a SongSourcing Workshop in Your Community

SongSourcing is of special interest to: anyone who feels creatively blocked, groups of people who wish to go deeper, healthcare practitioners, therapists, congregations, couples, choirs, children, youth.

If you would like to experience SongSourcing in your community, church, or friends' network, contact or call (503) 746-8687 in USA or +41 44 381 6823 in Europe.

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