"Musicians and poet are always among the first in a society to give voice to the unspoken feelings and ideas fomenting in the collective.

As a songleader who recognizes your primary directive is self-healing, being the most clear channel you can be for transformative music to come through, you are positioned in a vital role in this world."


-grow musically & spiritually

-transcend performance anxiety

-unite art with heart

-gain valuable practice and feedback with peers

-cultivate community with other songleaders

-increase your repertoire of chants & songs

Dedicating one's music to service and healing doesn't require following a particular path or teacher, but a willingness to listen to the voice of one's own heart. When attending Beyond Performance, bring your voice, guitar or other accompanying instrument (optional- instrumental expertise not required), and favorite chants or group songs.Come prepared to learn new chants and release blocks to the awareness of your inner song.

You may also host Beyond Performance in your area; contact Michael for details.

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