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Beyond the Fear of Singing
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Beyond the Fear of Singing

Advance Order Only- Estimated Delivery, Spring 2019
A Film by Michael Stillwater
Co-Produced by Doris Laesser Stillwater
A Song Without Borders Production

“You can’t resist singing, after watching this film. Highly recommended!”
-Nicol Matt, Conductor, Chamber Choir of Europe

Winner, Hollywood Int'l Independent Documentary Awards (2018)
Winner, Royal Reel Award, Canada Int'l Film Festival (2019)
Official Selection, Switzerland International Film Festival (2018)
Official Selection, Lift-Off Online Film Festival (2019)
Official Selection, Friday Harbor Int'l Film Festival (2019)

In a society where people are measured according to the prowess of their performance, early childhood criticism of our sound or comparing our expression to others may contribute to hiding our own voice and creativity.

"Fear of singing has grown into a silent, global epidemic."

This film explores a widening gap between ‘performers’ and ‘non-performers’, the healing journey of acceptance and emergence from hiding our voices, and a global grassroots return, both individually and collectively, to appreciation for our natural song.

"See this film. Sing your song." -Don Schwartz, CineSource Magazine

Performers and ‘non-performers’ share their experience while vocal educators from around the world invite viewers to ‘come out of hiding’.

"Magnificently drives home how important it is for people to discover the depth of their own voice in the most human terms." - Adam Huber, author

This is the third release in an ongoing film series co-produced by Michael Stillwater and Doris Laesser Stillwater. Their first film, Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen was deemed ‘a heartening rarity’ in Wall Street Journal and received four Best Documentary awards. Their second release, In Search of the Great Song, received two film awards in its first month of release.

"A penetrating and healing journey into the part of all of us that wants to sing--not just vocally, but to sing our soul's song on the magnificent majestic stage of life. If you have ever felt shy about showing up, this film will give you a welcome boost to your next masterful expression." - Alan Cohen, author

Updated DVD Release: May 15, 2019

"Another triumph!" -Morten Lauridsen, National Medal of Arts recipient

Your advance order for this DVD is very much appreciated, and contributes towards its production. As in all film productions, the development time may vary from our estimate.

Price: $25.00