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'In Search of the Great Song' DVD -  5 Pak
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'In Search of the Great Song' DVD - 5 Pak

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In Search of the Great Song (Official Trailer) from Michael Stillwater on Vimeo.

Short trailer (1:51)

A Film by Michael Stillwater
Produced by Michael Stillwater and Doris Laesser Stillwater
A Song Without Borders Production
(82 minutes / 2016)

In Search of the Great Song offers an opportunity for you to host a special interactive evening for friends, students and community members.

A home viewing, followed by conversation generated from the film- sparked by the perennial question, 'What is the Great Song for you?'- provides an inspiring focus for reflective thought, impassioned dialogue and artistic expression.

The DVD itself makes an excellent take-away resource, reinforcing the experience. Our discount packages help extend this community sharing.

Film Synopsis: From the Australian outback to the San Juan Archipelago, from South India to the Swiss Alps- the question is asked of scientists, artists, faith leaders and indigenous elders: "What is the Great Song for you?"

Infused with music from around the world, fifty remarkable responses cross boundaries of culture, faith, arts and science, weaving a timeles, multi-faceted tapestry- a cinematic testament to our common spirit.

with Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq • Angeles Arrien • Rinaldo Brutoco • Richard R. Ernst Michael Fitzpatrick • Gangaji • Dana Gioia • Amit Goswami • Gyuto Monks of Tibet Thich Nhat Hanh • Angela Hewitt • Chungliang Al Huang • Rabbi Irwin Kula • Tito La Rosa • Morten Lauridsen • Paul Mealor • Deva Premal • Br. David Steindl-Rast
David Whyte • Gary Zukav and 30 more

Music by Britten Singonia • Chamber Choir of Europe • Chanticleer • Ilan Chester Michael Fitzpatrick • Angela Hewitt • Insingizi • Morten Lauridsen • Stephen Layton • Gary Malkin • Polyphony • Deva Premal • Alex Shapiro The Singers • Stephan Thelen Voces8 and others



"Filmmaking at its most transcendent."
-Mirabai Starr, Author, God of Love / Caravan of No Despair

"Haunting, enchanting and very soothing"
-Arun Gandhi, President, Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute

"A beautiful visual reverie on 'the great song'"
-Roshi Joan Halifax, Founder/Abbot, Upaya Institute and Zen Center

"You have given us the presence of love....pure & true"
-Bruce David, Author, Monastery Without Walls

"A feast for the eyes, the ears, the mind,
the limbic system of the brain and much more. This film is a masterpiece, an inner bridge to the Self that will leave you richer, long after you've seen it."

-Shuddha Anami, MD

"A deeply textured and mystically poetic ode
to the divine integration between nature, song, music and the great mystery,
it will captivate your soul!"
-Ronald A. Alexander Ph.D., author, Wise Mind Open Mind

"A timeless quest, myriad replies,
and the confluence resolving in one stilling sensation —
this film sings with the intrinsic potency of an unstruck bell."

-Tamsin Smith, poet and social impact innovator

"An enchanted treasure trove;
a multi-faceted prismatic invitation; an exquisite compendium
of cultural creatives pondering...a deeper resonant awareness"

-Mary Trainor-Brigham, author, Deep Cinema

"A divine invitation
for each of us to discover, harvest and sing The Great Song
that is in, and connects us to, higher callings.”

-Dr. Ken Druck; Author, The Real Rules of Life

"This noble, heart-centered, moving exploration
penetrates to the depth of the life that breathes us, the song that sings us.
Sit back, relax, and let your soul be sung. Here is a gift for the spirit."

-Alan Cohen; Author, A Deep Breath of Life

This is the second release in an ongoing film series co-produced by Michael Stillwater and Doris Laesser Stillwater. Their previous release, Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen was deemed ‘a heartening rarity’ in Wall Street Journal and received four Best Documentary awards.

Series trailer (5:37)

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