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Assisi Retreat- Returning Participant
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Assisi Retreat- Returning Participant

Special offer for returning participants
We welcome returning participants to Asssi. Meet new friends, experience familiar places in a new way, and allow yourself to be inspired and nurtured throughout the program. We offer several dates to choose from; see which one best fits for you. (Returning participants pay one-half of regular tuition)

• Reconnect to the ‘Great Song’ through your own unique sound
• Sing chants and songs for healing and transformation
• Create your own story/song, the medicine music of your soul
• Transform beliefs about your voice that are not true
• Connect with fellow travellers on the journey of song
• Practice mantras and core sound vibrations
• Feel the spiritual power of Assisi
• Live a week in a monastery, enjoy Italian culture and cuisine
• Be an instrument of peace in the birthplace of Francis and Clare

“Song Sanctuary Retreats are a profound opportunity for personal growth, taking place in the wonderful setting of Assisi and made particularly special by the way in which Michael and Doris create a safe and nurturing space to reflect and of course to sing. But this experience isn’t just for those who are musical, who play or sing regularly. It connects all of us through song. I would heartily recommend this experience.” -Stephen Quinn, Leadership Consultant, Scotland

This year spend a week in Assisi, Italy, home of St. Francis and universally celebrated as a ‘City of Peace’. A place of sacred remembering for people of all faiths and traditions, Assisi provides a welcoming sanctuary for reflection, self-inquiry, and creativity. While residing in a Franciscan convent, enjoy the beauty of the Umbrian countryside and historic sites of Assisi. In song and creative practice reconnect to the spiritual source in you, meet kindred hearts, and renew alignment with your calling.

Herzlich willkommen, diese beiden Seminare finden statt an sehr starken Kraftorten, wo etwas in der Tiefe entstehen kann in Deinem Leben in diesen Zeiten von Wandel und Umbruch. Während des Seminars deutsche Uebersetzung.

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August 21, 2019 @ 5:00 pm () - Monastero San Andrea, Assisi, Italy