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Sweet Passage
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Sweet Passage

words & music by Michael Stillwater
Recorded in a Salt Lake City studio in 1990, Sanctuary was the first publicly released album of Michael Stillwater's spontaneous intuitive singing. The entire album was a continous recording, without break, in response to the energy of the gathered studio audience attending the session.

The sky is wide and the ocean deep
And the body wants to sleep
And the stars are coming out one by one
And the nighttime is filled with the perfume of flowers
And you walk through your dreams in the midnight hours

Feel the angels with you
Feel the angels with you
Feel the angels with you forever

Feel the angels with you
Wings surround you
Their gentle glory fills your heart
Yes feel the angels with you my friend
Feel the angels with you
Their love it never ends

And though the night be dark
And though you may be looking even for a single spark
Have no fear, God is here
O so near to your heart
And though it may be raining or snow
God has no intention of letting you go
But it's for you to let go and move on and on
Wherever you'd go
Don't hold to the harbor
The ship wants to go with the flow
It's the morningtide and the birds are winging their way to sea
Let that anchor go, let your ship be free
And what awaits on the other shore
Is far beyond anything that you now can know
What waits for you upon the other shore
Is far beyond your imagining now
And yet somehow
You know it's true, you know it's true
There's a way for you to find
All the treasures in your mind
And a heart that's kind
Is a heart that knows true prosperity
All that you need is hidden in your generosity
Giving those things that you treasure
Sharing your deepest pleasure
Finding the path without measure is your own
Your own, your own, your own


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