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Letting Go
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Letting Go

words & music by Michael Stillwater
Recorded in a Salt Lake City studio in 1990, Sanctuary was the first publicly released album of Michael Stillwater's spontaneous intuitive singing. The entire album was a continous recording, without break, in response to the energy of the gathered studio audience attending the session.

I love you, I love you so deeply
I love you, your love it flows to me
I can't imagine letting go
I can't imagine saying no to you

I love you like I've never loved before
I love you like the ocean loves the shore
And I cannot imagine
Living this life without you
No I can't imagine what I'd do

Yet there comes a time
There comes a moment
There comes a day
When like a great storm
I see you swept away
There comes a moment
When all my hope won't do
And I must learn to say goodbye to you

There comes a moment in everybody's dream
There comes a moment in everybodys ocean stream
There comes a moment when all you can do
O goodbye, I love you-


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