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Touch Me Again
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Touch Me Again

words & music by Michael Stillwater
Recorded in a Salt Lake City studio in 1990, Sanctuary was the first publicly released album of Michael Stillwater's spontaneous intuitive singing. The entire album was a continous recording, without break, in response to the energy of the gathered studio audience attending the session.

Touch me again with your heart
Touch me again with your smile
You reach in so deep
I've never felt this way before
Touch me in the place that knows joy
And touch me where I have felt so much pain
Touch me in the center
And touch me on the circle
And touch me in the place that has no name
Touch me again

Touch me with your gentleness
And touch with your tears
You've touched me in this moment
And your touch will last throughout the years
Why should I want for anything?
Why should I need?
With you in my life you planted a seed
From which my love grows much brighter still

You've touched me deeper than anyone before
And so I give thanks to you
I give my love to you
I open up my heart to you again
My love, my friend
My love, my friend
My love, my friend


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