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No Barriers
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No Barriers

words & music by Michael Stillwater
Recorded in a Salt Lake City studio in 1990, Sanctuary was the first publicly released album of Michael Stillwater's spontaneous intuitive singing. The entire album was a continous recording, without break, in response to the energy of the gathered studio audience attending the session.

Let the sun pierce through and shine down through the clouds
No need to fiercely guard your heart now
Radiating, radiating from your core
Is the answer you've been looking for
And all you need is given to you
Let the sun, let the sun shine through
Let the sun shine through
And it's easy when you know
You don't have to worry where to go
There are places and there are faces that are sent to you
To help you with the opening
To help you with the opening of the door

I see a bright light shining through you tonight
And all the worries you held before well they take flight
And the miracle that you are
Shines brighter than any star
Take heart and know that you are whole
You are home inside your heart
Forever you're shining
Heavens open wider
Because you need reminding
There it comes again, there it sails through you
Like a magic dove sailing through the blue
It sails through you, sails through you
Freely floating through
Freely floating through
No barriers to block the way
No barriers, no barriers at all.


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