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A Way and a Power
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A Way and a Power

words & music by Michael Stillwater
Recorded in a Salt Lake City studio in 1990, Sanctuary was the first publicly released album of Michael Stillwater's spontaneous intuitive singing. The entire album was a continous recording, without break, in response to the energy of the gathered studio audience attending the session.

There is a way and there is a power
To light up the day and fill every hour
It strikes to the heart, it fills up the sky
And we don't ask what and we don't ask why
Cause there is a light and there is a power
That's living through you, the kindly hour
It feels up the morning and the noon
It feels up your evening time
There is a way for you
To drink in, healing shower in the morning and the evening
Drink in the healing of the waves
O drink in the stream that lasts forever through your veins
Breathing the healing of the angels and the heavenly saints

You've got a rhythm and you've got a song
And you've got the answer in your heart
It's been there all along
You've got the rhythm and you've got the words
Just listen to the calling of the flying birds
And see how they soar and how they dance so free
They're calling out to you and to me
The message is so simple, just take it in my child
And you can be all that you want to be
So just be free, freely the being
That came in through your body on your first day
Be the being that you are meant to be
No past association can hold you down anymore
No past association can keep or lock that door
Just let it sail, open it, the breeze
Let it sail, let it be easy, let it be easy
Let it be gently for you
There need be no hesitation
Who do you identify with now?
I ask you, who do you identify with now?
Is it the one who needs to say goodbye?
Is it the one who just needs to let go and cry?
I said, who do you identify with now?

The river rolls down right through the heart of you
The ocean waits for it like a lover
The rain it comes down feeding the thirsy Earth
And you are ready for this shower

You have all and more in store
The miracle of nature is a'calling to you again
Calling to you my friend


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