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The Blessing
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The Blessing

words & music by Michael Stillwater
Let the blessing be,
Let the blessing find it's way on through (repeat)
Hey wannee wannee wannee, hey-o, hey-o (repeat)

There's a blessing that's always here
And in it's light there is no fear
And in it's might it makes everything clear (chorus)

There is a blessing and it passes down through the generations
There is a blessing and it's healing you
And as it heals you it heals the nation (chorus)

There is a blessing and you know it's true
It easily finds it's way to you
And all illusions fall away, and all confusion blows away (chorus)

There is a blessing and it lives in you
It's the place that's always true
There is a blessing and it knows what to do
It's here to bless you, it's here to carress you
It's here to embrace you, it's here to grace you (chorus)

Original Vocal and Guitar: Michael Stillwater
Harmony Vocals: Holly Croydon & Michael Stillwater
Bass: Wolfgang Zwiauer
Percussion: Willy Kotoun
Time: 5:41

Original intuitive song from Honoring Ceremony in San Diego, CA
Song Request: blessing upon a pregnancy. (The chant within this song arose spontaneously, without a traditional origin.)

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