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Heal My Heart
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Heal My Heart

words & music by Michael Stillwater
Original Vocal and Guitar: Michael Stillwater
Harmony Vocal: Holly Croydon
Cello: Daniel Pezzotti

Original intuitive song recorded during Honoring Ceremony
at Unity Center in Pittsburgh, PA, 2008
Song Recipient: Mike Zielinski
Song Request: Healing of the heart

Heal my heart, heal my heart
Heal my heart this day (repeat)

I would give and I would receive all the love I can
To be a gift upon this Earth I take the lover's stand
To heal my heart and share this love with all the world
And receive your love right now

This is a time for me to remember that I've come to play my part
To let myself surrender to the greater love that fills my heart
Heal my heart, right here and now I know it's true
Heal my heart, now I am renewed again

Every moment I remember the precious gift that this life it is
Who can count their days though numbered?
We simply live the life we live

Heal my heart and return me to the Source
Heal my heart, show me the way
Heal my heart and return me to the place
Where I remember I'm OK

Heal my heart, show me on my way
All that I need to know
Heal my heart, lead me on my way
To know that I am fine
Here living out my time
Sharing all the love I can with you.

time: 5:25

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