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There Is A Garden
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There Is A Garden

words & music by Michael Stillwater
There is a garden, a beautiful garden
There is a garden where we all live. (repeat)

And everyone of us is a flower here
Everyone of us, it's perfectly clear
Bringing what we bring, you and I
The gift of our life into this one sky

Here is a garden, a beautiful garden
Here is a garden in which we all live (repeat)

And every flower and all of the colors
O so much power to share
All of the fragrance, all of the essence
O such a dance to be aware, all of the flowers in the garden (chorus)

Let me never forget, let me always remember
The beauty that we're here to share
Let me never forget, let me always remember
All the flowers that are there (chorus)

Original Vocal and Guitar: Michael Stillwater
Harmony Vocal: Holly Croydon
Cello: Daniel Pezzotti
time: 6:00

Original intuitive song recorded during
Honoring Ceremony in Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii, 2008
Song request: that we may all live together as one human family
Dedicated to the Spirit of Hawaii

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