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Strength and Courage
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Strength and Courage

words & music by Michael Stillwater
Original Vocal and Guitar: Michael Stillwater
Harmony Vocal: Holly Croydon
Percussion: Willy Kouton
Bass: Wolfgang Zwiauer

Intuitive song from Honoring Ceremony at Palliative Care Conference, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, 2008

I've got what I need when I need it
I can feel it flow
There's a seed that's inside of me
It continues to grow
And I feel the strength of life inside of me
And the courage to walk my word
The light of life it's shining
And I can feel that I'm heart
As I speak out this word of strength and encouragement
May it echo throughout this world
To all who join me in caring
To all who join me right now
O there is a strength beyond the words I speak
There is a power beyond
And it's feeding us from the inside
Carrying us further on
It lifts us now into the place that we know we can be
It lifts us up and we know that we're free
In this strength and courage that lights up our lives
When we feel tired it lifts us in day or night
Strength inside of me and you
I let this strength pour through me now
Strength inside of me and you
Let this strength pour through me now

I am renewed in this moment and I share with you
Nothing else that I really need to do
But take a moment to remember true
How much love is flowing through my life (repeat)

When I look upon you I remember
When I look upon you I recall
The strength I was seeking
Is right here meeting me, right here now
I can feel it, I can feel it now,
It's right here meeting me
I am renewed (repeat)

Time: 4:35

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