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Rivers to the Sea
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Surrendering our fears of separation by accepting our ultimate unity with the Great Peace.
Healing Intent

Rivers to the Sea

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
All the rivers end, all the rivers end,
they end in the Sea.
In the Ocean I return, I return again.
In the Ocean we return again.

Our essential nature is connected to everything else, and we are, just like a river, returning to the Sea. Can you imagine a river thinking it was separate, all alone, on its own lonely journey, meandering across fields and through valleys, wondering what it's ultimate purpose is?

Yet the day comes when it hears the roar of the Ocean. Unafraid, though knowing it is about to be dissolved, it plunges forward, pouring itself unequivocally into the Sea.

We may resist our Divine Nature, our oneness with God- sometimes a secret resistance hidden even from our own awareness. Yet sooner or later we awaken to remember that in fact, We Are That. As we come to peace with accepting our ultimate immersion in the One, we simultaneously come to peace with our life, with those we are in relationship with, and with the gifts that we came to share.

Track Time: 3:26

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