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Out of My Hands
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Releasing stuck patterns and beliefs; letting go of relationships and perhaps most importantly, releasing self-judgment.
Healing Intent

Out of My Hands

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
It's out of my hands,
It's out of my hands,
It's out of my hands and into Your Heart

Well I tried so hard, I tried to understand
How everbody everywhere's doing the best they can
We do it over and over and over again
And when it all comes down, well, we do it again

Well I tried so hard, i tried to understand
And I hold on just as long as I can
'Cause I want things to turn out
The way that I want in the end
But no matter how hard I try I just cannot pretend
There's Something that seems to know better,
It knows where, and It knows when.

To know when to release something we've been holding onto is central to our wisdom; it's also the key to our happiness. This song is good medicine for those circumstances when it's time to let go, but we persist in holding on to whatever most attracts us.

Track Time: 4:25

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