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Feel the Blessing
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Feeling the ongoing blessing; trusting that even without doing anything, we are worthy of receiving this grace.
Healing Intent

Feel the Blessing

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
Feel the blessing as it pours through you,
Feel the blessing, nothing more to do,
Feel the blessing at the core of you-
Nothing that you need, nothing that you need,
Nothing that you need to do.

Feel the blessing as it pours through us,
Feel the blessing, all we need is trust
Feel the blessing, at the core of us-
Nothing that we need, nothing that we need,
Nothing that we need to do.

Originally created as music for a blessing ceremony, during which individuals from the community received silent transmissions of healing, loving energy. The song serves to open the heart for receiving an ongoing blessing, available all the time to all of us.

Track Time: 4:11

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