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Safe In Your Love
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Living without fear; trusting divine order even in the face of great challenges.
Healing Intent

Safe In Your Love

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
I am safe and I am held
In this place where your love dwells
With me for all time
Forever I am held by you, safe its true
Nothing can be taken from me
Here I am at home, with you I am at peace. (repeat)
Safe in your love, safe in your love.

There's no stranger here, there's no danger near.
When I feel you here I am safe and I am whole right now
I am held in your love, I am held in your love
For all time and space, in this deep embrace
By your loving grace I am held in your love.
Safe now in your love, safe now in your love (I am held)

An intuitive, spontaneous composition, this song is Michael's musical response to the request of an audience member. The woman, visibly shaken after discovering her home had been broken into before the concert, asked for a song to remember her inner safety, that she might return to peace.

Michael listened as she spoke, then sang this song. The other musicians enter in the chorus, also spontaneously.

If you would like your own original healing/empowering song composed for you, Michael offers 'SongCare' via telephone or in selected tour venues. See also 'SongCircle' (a group SongCare session) on the Inner Harmony main site, or in the online store, for more information.

Track Time: 4:15

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