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The Welcoming
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Letting peace be; releasing stress; accepting that you are loved.
Healing Intent

The Welcoming

Speaker- Michael Stillwater
Let yourself relax into this moment.
Let yourself be held without any need to hold yourself up.
Let yourself meet the unknown.
It's OK. It's a place we don't have to know with our mind.

What if there were angels all around you and you just couldn't see them?
What if there was a love so vast that you could never be apart from it?
What if it was impossible for you to go anywhere
Where this love could not find you?

-from The Welcoming

Michael Stillwater is a spiritual educator using music for healing. Founder of Inner Harmony Music and creator of SongCare, he provides training for healthcare professionals and others to address personal and professional issues around life transitions. He is artist/founder of Inner Harmony, co-founder of Wisdom of the World and co-founder/director of Companion Arts.

Track Time: 8:23

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