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Be Here Now
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Acceptance of the profound nature of dying; choosing peace throughout one's life.
Healing Intent

Be Here Now

Speaker- Ram Dass
Be here now.
Don't anticipate, don't yearn for things of the past.
Let the past go with forgiveness and let the future go with no anticipation.

Each of us contains a being that doesn't die and a being that does die.
Everything must change except the soul.
Your preparation for dying is done by identifying with your soul, not your ego. Identify with your soul now.

-from Be Here Now

International lecturer, author, and a leading Western exponent of ancient Eastern philosophies. He has founded two organizations, Seva and The Hanuman Foundation, dedicated to promoting social action and to alleviate human suffering. He is author of Grist for the Mill, Still Here: Embracing Changing, Aging and Dying, and other books.

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