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Walk On
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Gain peace from an overview perspective of life as a continuum; reduce fear around loss and endings.
Healing Intent

Walk On

Speaker- Jyoti
Good morning, Grandfather. I entered this life a ways back and put skin on to walk two-legged on this Creation- and what a glorious time it was.

It taught me about breath and about sensing and feeling and caring through my heart. And I walked on around that Red Road, looking and trying to understand more about the mystery and the secrets She holds.

And You spoke to me through the wind, and You sang to me through the birds. And You brought challenges forth so that I might listen to the message You bring me more sincerely. And I kept walking down this road.

-from Walk On

Author of An Angel Called My Name, Jyoti is a devotee of the Mother. Holding sacred her Cherokee lineage, she teaches indigenous spiritual practices that evoke a state of prayer and healing. She is spiritual director and co-founder of Kayumari, a spiritual healing community in Northern California, and has served as director of the Spiritual Emergence Network.

Track Time: 7:15

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