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The Gift of Life
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Peace through acceptance of our mortality; experiencing a relationship with the Divine.
Healing Intent

The Gift of Life

Speaker- Alan Jones
Thou has seen and known my heart, seeing into every part
Nothing hidden here from Thee, ever Thou embraceth me
Even deep in darkest night, Thou would guide me with Thy Light.

In my tradition we try to practice dying every day so that we may be fully alive. What I understand of my prayer life is to place myself on the threshold of death, to participate in my dying, so that I may live each day and each moment as a gift. What I cultivate is a grateful heart; each moment then becomes a new thing. My gratitude comes from the sheer gift of life itself.

-from The Gift of Life

Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Fr. Alan Jones was the director and founder of the Center for Christian Spirituality at the General Theological Seminary. Honorary Canon of Chartres Cathedral in France, his most recent book is The Soul's Journey: Exploring the Three Passages of Spiritual Life with Dante as a Guide.

Track Time: 6:55

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