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Letting Yourself Be Loved
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Release of core stress; letting go of fear and unlovability; acceptance of who you are without judgment.
Healing Intent

Letting Yourself Be Loved

Speaker: Lew Epstein
No one has ever prepared us for this experience. We think it's the It's another beginning.

It's knowing that you're loved, knowing that you're loved. It's not easy, letting yourself be loved. Cause we've learn to judge ourself. We're always judging ourselves.

But I learned to listen that I was loved. I was loved! And then I would forget that I was loved. Those were the most painful moments for me, forgetting that I was loved.

-From Letting Yourself Be Loved

A well-known public speaker for more than 50 years, 'Lewie' made his own graceful passage on April 4th, 2003. He was Founder and Co-Leader, with his wife Francine, of Men's and Women's Clubs in the USA and Europe on the subject of relationships, co-founder of the nonprofit organization, The Partnership Foundation, and author of Trusting You Are Loved - Practices for Partnership.

Track Time: 5:44

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