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Soul of the Caregiver
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Soul of the Caregiver

Speaker- Naomi Judd
Caregiving is the work of the soul.

We are here to grow in love, and in service to others. That is the foundation of a caregiver. We recognize we have to do something . . we have to reach out . . . we have to make it better.

I have been called, by the people who know me well, a wounded healer. In fact, I believe that in order to be an effective healer you have to have been broken down to understand what pain really is. And it is in that intersection of pain there's a sense of knowing. It's almost as if we've all been on the battlefield at the same time.

So blessed are those caregivers who are able to use their pain as their greatest teacher. Caregiving- the work of the soul.

In 1991, after selling over 20 million albums and videos in a mere seven years and at the pinnacle of their phenomenal career, The Judds' reign came to an abrupt end. Naomi was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, a potentially fatal chronic liver disease that forced her retirement. With unwavering optimism and characteristic inner strength, Naomi stepped out of the spotlight to explore paths that have led to new successful endeavors. Today, she is completely cured of the Hepatitis C virus and uses the strength of her own experiences as spokesperson for the America Liver Foundation. In 1991, Naomi created the Naomi Judd Education and Research Fund, using her household name and personal time to raise invaluable awareness of the deadly Hepatitis C virus as well as research funds for the American Liver Foundation.

Though her creativity continues to flow through music and writing, today Naomi also expresses her energy on humanitarian activities, social issues and personal growth education. Her natural ability to act as a translator between academic communities and everyday people makes her a truly unique figure. Her background and knowledge on various health and family related issues has led to invitations to speak at countless conventions, seminars and high profile summits as well as numerous media awareness campaigns and Capitol Hill hearings. Naomi Judd - Former registered nurse, well versed in women√­s health concerns, sings the benefits of harmony between mind, body and spirit. Naomi has addressed the heads of the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the 2001 Bio-Technology Convention. Naomi is on Dr. Andrew Weil√­s board of directors as an advocate for integrative approaches to medicine incorporated alongside more modern technology.

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