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The Healing Encounter
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The Healing Encounter

Speaker- Christina Puchalski, MD
When you enter the room of your patient put your hand on that doorknob, take a deep breath and remember why you became a healer.

What gave you meaning? Why did you jump through all those hoops? Through all that training?

Take a moment. Remind yourself that you are there to serve that person.

It's as if you take off your shoes to respect and honor what you will find inside.

Dr. Christina Puchalski, MD, FACP, has pioneered the development of numerous educational programs for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate medical education in spirituality and medicine. Her spirituality curriculum at The George Washington University was one of the first in the country and received the John Templeton Award for Spirituality and Medicine. Since 1996, she has been directing an award program for medical school curricula in spirituality and health nationally. Her research expertise includes the role of spirituality in health and end-of-life care, the role of clergy in health and end-of-life care, and evaluation of education programs in spirituality and medicine.

Dr. Puchalski is Co-Chair of a national education conference co-sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and Course Co-Director of Harvard Medical School and the Mind/Body Medical Institute's annual Spirituality & Healing in Medicine conference. Dr. Puchalski is Founder and Director of The George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health at The George Washington University in Washington, DC and Associate Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Health Care Sciences at The George Washington University. She has been published widely in peer-reviewed journals as well as other national journals and media outlets, and has appeared in numerous national news programs.

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