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Being Whole
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Being Whole

Speaker- Rachel Naomi Remen, MD
Being whole doesn't mean being more than who you are this very moment.

It means being who you are this very moment. It means accepting the parts of yourself that used to make you ashamed, or feel small. These are the parts of yourself that will allow you to connect to other people, allow you to own your own strength. I've noticed the wounds that I have suffered in fifty years of chronic illness enable me to respond to other wounded people with compassion. Without them I don't think I'd know compassion. And neither would you, without your wounds. My loneliness, which is part of my wholeness, has helped me to find you, in the dark.

Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. is one of the earliest pioneers in the mind/body holistic health movement and the first to recognize the role of the spirit in health and recovery from illness. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller Kitchen Table Wisdom and the national bestseller My Grandfather√­s Blessings, Co-founder and Medical Director of the Commonweal Cancer Help Program featured in the ground breaking 1993 Bill Moyers PBS series Healing and the Mind, Founder and Director of the Institute for the Study of Health and Illness at Commonweal, Clinical Professor of Family and Community Medicine at UCSF School of Medicine, and Director of the innovative UCSF course The Healer's Art, presently taught at 35 medical schools nationwide.

Track Time: 5:33

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