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Path of the Healer
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Path of the Healer

Speaker- Angeles Arrien, PhD
Every individual who carries a call to healing is a person who carries a great heart and generosity of spirit. So how do I as a healer, or a health care professional, renew myself? What sustains me, what regenerates me, what heals me?

You may think of yourself as a doctor, nurse, health professional- and yet in many traditional societies, you would be called a medicine person, a shaman. You would be called a shaman because you have the privilege to steward the Mysteries, and one of the Mysteries is illness, which is an initiation to coming home again to a deeper sense of self and well-being.

Angeles Arrien is an anthropologist, educator, award-winning author, and corporate consultant. She lectures worldwide, conducting workshops that bridge cultural anthropology, psychology, and mediation skills. Her work with multi-cultural issues, mediation, and conflict resolution has been used with the International Rights Commission and the World Indigenous Council. She has also presented her material on the Cable News Network (CNN).

She is the founder and president of the Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research. Dr. ArrienĂ­s research and teaching have focused on values and beliefs shared by humanity cross-culturally, and on the integration and application of multi-cultural wisdoms in contemporary settings. She teaches universal components of leadership skills, communication, health care, and education. Her work reveals how indigenous wisdoms are relevant in our families, professional lives, and our relationship with the Earth.

Within the medical community, Dr. Arrien has consulted with Kaiser Permanente Group, Pride Institute of Colorado, California Pacific Medical Center, Sutter Community Hospitals, Planetree Foundation, Columbia Rose Medical Center, and American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

Track Time: 5:25

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