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Morning of A Miracle
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Morning of A Miracle

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
It's the morning of a miracle, the rising of a sun
The waking from a dream that we were on

It's the eyes of ancient wisdom and the wonder of a child
And the arc of love between us all the while
It's the center of the silence and the song in every storm
And the endless celebration of the dancing form

It's the taste of things eternal and the breath of heaven's light
And the calling of the angels in the night
It's the spirit of the present and the blessing of the past
And the mystery that lets us see at last
It's the brilliance of the comet's tail, the vastness of the sky
And the song inside our heart that never dies, never dies

It's the wind of grace around us and the wave of joy within
And the birth of who we are when we begin
It's the sculpture in the cloudbank and the laugh within our eyes
And the witness for the wisdom of the wise
It's the courage of the climber and the highness of the hill
And the willingness to do the Father's Will

It's the rushing of the river, the shimmer of the stream
The thought that things are never as they seem
It's the choral exhultation and the whisper of the stars
And the voice that speaks of who we really, who we really are.

Track Time: 5:19

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