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Love Is Always Ready
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Remembering the perennial availability of loving awareness in the midst of our struggles and disagreements.
Healing Intent:

Love Is Always Ready

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
By ourseles we sometimes lose our way
Walking through the world as if it's yesterday
One could spend a lifetime just to find what life's made of
While two could learn this moment how to love

What's the use debating points of view
If each one holds to only what they're wanting to?
But if just for an instant we would look down from above
We'd see two who could learn this moment how to love

Love is always ready for the moment when
We let down our walls and stop pretending, cause love is always ready

Underneath the masquerade we play,
Always waiting for the light of day
Honestly we can't keep hiding from what we're made of
It's time that we would welcome in the love

Track Time: 4:16
Featured Vocalist: Kelly Covington

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