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Awakening into newness; a fresh start; the potential for changing old patterns inherent within each moment.
Healing Intent


Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
It's daybreak in my soul
I gained a world when I lost control
Of what I thought to be
The way that things were always meant to be

It's daybreak in my soul
Once a half but now a whole
Like a child playing in the wind
Through all my senses I'm letting you in

Now I'm ready to rise and shine
With you by my side I know
When daylight comes then nighttime has to go

It's daybreak in my soul
Bought a ticket to a passing show
And I found in the end
There's nothing better than a loving friend

It's daybreak in my soul
The dream is over and the only goal left for me
Is to find and bring to light the shadows in my mind

Track Time: 3:17

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