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Simply Surrender (Reprise)
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Trust and acceptance of the perfection of timing and flow in every birth and creative act.
Healing Intent

Simply Surrender (Reprise)

Words and Music by Michael Stillwater
We've come a long, long way
To arrive here at this day
Preparation now all done
Ready for a daughter,
Ready for a son
All you need to do is

Simply surrender,
All you need to know
Trust in your heart
You'll be shown all you need to know
Simply surrender
Simply to Know
Life has a way of repeating
Of craeting its own
You're part of the stream of creation
And now its time to bring it on home.
Simply surrender, simply let go.
You know all you need to know.
Simply surrender, let the flow carry you.

Trust in the power that brought you to where you are.
Now is the hour, look in the sky and you can see a new star
Simply surrender, let go, let go and
You'll be shown all you need to know
You'll be shown.
Simply surrender, simply let go.

Track Time: 5:23

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