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Bearer of Good Tidings
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Dedicated to all mothers, in gratitude for their patience, endurance and love. Also for all who bring new creations to our world.
Healing Intent

Bearer of Good Tidings

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
Bearer of good tidings to our world
Bearer of good tidings, little boy or girl
Thank you for caring for this one
Thank you for this daughter, for this son

Long you've held them in you, now it's time to let them go
Let the pass on through your gate into the flow
Let them dance outside your belly
Let them cry into the air
They are ready to grow wings and fly before your eyes

Bringer of good tidings, bringer of peace to the world
Bringer of good tidings, now you must release this boy or girl
And open wide now, wider than ever before
For you are the key, you are the open door
Now you stand on the shore and watch them sail
On through, down the tunnel of dreams, down the passage of light

All you need to do now is let love make her way
Let love make her wy through
Let love make her way through you now
Let love shake her way through
Make her way through
Glide her way through you now

Open wider now, open wider now.
You are the breath and you are the breathing
Open wider now, open wider now
And let love through.

Track Time: 6:32

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