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Simply Surrender
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Trust and acceptance in the perfect timing and flow accompanying the birthing process or creative act.
Healing Intent

Simply Surrender

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
When the waiting is over
When you are ready to simply surrender
To the one who comes through you

Simply surrender
Simply surrender now you can
Simply surrender
And all will be fine, all will be fine for you

Simply surrender
Let the stars come out in your eyes
Simply surrender
It's time to see that all is well for now and always

Simply surrender and everything you need will be given to you
Simply surrender and the light of all lights will shine through you

Simply surrender all your worries, all your cares
Simply surrender and trust that everything you need will be there

Simply surrender, the time it falls away from you
Simply surrender, for life knows just what to do
Simply surrender, simply let go
Simply surrender, simply let go

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