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Mother of All
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Dedicated to the Great Mother and her compassionate presence.
Healing Intent

Mother of All

Words and Music by Michael Stillwater
Beautiful, beautiful
Across the universe you shine
Beautiful, beautiful
I am yours and you are mine

You kiss me, you touch me so
Your breeze it makes me glow
I am here as your child
I am beside you everywhere You are
Breathing through me, mother of all.

Mother of everything in this world
Mother of every child
Mother of everything alive
You make me thrive, you make me dive
Into the heart of the world

Let me take off everything between us
And bathe in your love
In truth there is nothing between us
I am made of your very core

Mother of everything
Mother of everything
Mother of everything,
Mother of me.

Mother of everything
Mother of me
You give me eyes so that I might see
All is a dance of your glory
Mother of everything

Track Time: 5:54

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