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Into Your Hands
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Awareness of mortality together with surrender to a divine presence within us and around us, our own Greater Self.
Healing Intent

Into Your Hands

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
A lifetime walking on this mountain
Seen every kind of weather too
Now my tracks have doubled back and worn a circle
Leading me to where I must admit what's true

There's no going any further
The way is blocked, I can't get through
Here I stand, no plan but a willingness
To listen what I now need to do, what I need to do

Into Your Hands I now deliver my life
What else can I do, it all belongs to You
I deliver my life into Your Hands

So I live out this my lifetime
Take the path You'd have me go
And if I keep listening to Your Whisper
I will find the only trail I need to know


Track Time: 6:15
Harmony Vocal: Eje Jacobs

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