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You Were The One
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Allowing appreciation, opening to receive acknowledgement. Originally created as a tribute to hospice physicians and nurses.
Healing Intent

You Were The One

Words and Music by Michael Stillwater
You were the one who stayed to listen
When nobody else was there
And you were the one found what was missing
When I couldn't find a prayer

You offered your hand,
And opened your heart,
Whispered your wisdom to me
Now I would ask you do your part
In letting yourself receive

You were the one, you were the one
Just take a look and see what your love has done
I knew I'd see an angel before my time had come
Wouldn't you know, you were the one

You were the one who shared your shoulder
When I couldn't cry anymore
You were the one as my life grew colder
To warm me up down at my core


Track Time: 3:15

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