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Heaven Help A Heart
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Recognizing the transformative power of loss, leading to a greater expanse of self-awarness, while acknowledging the profound depth of the shattering process.
Healing Intent

Heaven Help A Heart

Words and Music by Michael Stillwater
Hearts were created by one who knows
The mystery weaving our lives
So what's it gonna take to break this spell
To heal the hurt inside?

Hearts were created by one so sure
Everyone's safe, all accounted for
So why am I feeling you missing
If you're really not gone from me?

Hearts were made to be open, open
Even if it takes being broken
To be open like the skies above
Heaven help a heart hit by the lightning of love

Hearts were created by one who hears
The secret sigh, the tiny tears
While whispers of wanting inside me
Keep calling out your name

Hearts were created by one who knew
How totally I'd fall in love with you
Never imagined what losing,
Losing you would do


You awakened all of me, then you flew away
Here I stand, heart in hand, asking why you couldn't stay


Track Time: 5:27

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