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Turn To Me
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Reducing separation anxiety; recognizing internal connection to Source; the ongoing presence of love beyond loss
Healing Intent:

Turn To Me

Words and Music by Michael Stillwater
When deep within your slumbering you start to feel afraid
Dragons chase you down the mountainside
When everything's confusing and your hope begins to fade
Look and see the night is over, I'm holding you

Turn to me, turn to me,
Though it seems that I am gone
I am living in your heart like the memory of this song

When even in your waking dreams the shadows start to fall
Everywhere you look there's something wrong
I told you once before that all you have to do is call
And I'll be waiting in your heart like the memory of this song


I will comfort you in the night
Fly to me when you fear, it will be all right

If ever there's a need you have this world cannot provide
A feeling all is emptiness in you
Just close your eyes a moment and remember me inside
For I'm closer than your breathing and my love will guide you through


Track Time: 3:31

Winner, John Lennon Songwriting Award, Folk Category

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