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Feel My Love
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Acceptance of an impersonal, divine love regardless of circumstances.
Healing Intent

Feel My Love

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
When you're lonely, when it seems that no one's there
When you're needing just to know, know that someone cares.
When you're hungry, and it seems that nothing good can be found
When you're looking for something deep, you know that I'm around.

Feel My Love as it flows through you

When you're wishing for everything to change
When you're missing the thing that you want the most
And you can't rearrange the life around you
you have to let go and just let be.
That's the time to remember
That somewhere deep inside you and all around you'll find Me

Feel My Love as it flows through you.
Loloma, kuwake leno leno mahote*,
We're in the wave of love.

Feel My Love is written from the viewpoint of a great and unquenchable love. While applicable to a personal love, the chant is presented here in the context of a Divine embrace of our humanness.

*Indigineous prayer. The word "Loloma" was given me by a Hopi elder who I met on a flight out of Phoenix. He said it translated as "right relationship with heaven, earth, and all creatures." "Kuwake leno leno mahote" is from the Lokata prayer, "Let me be one with the Infinit".

Track Time: 7:39

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