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Heart of the Mother
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Acknowledging our connection with the divine feminine and masculine principles.
Healing Intent:

Heart of the Mother

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
I am one with the Heart of the Mother
I am one with the Heart of Love
I am one with the Heart of the Father
I am one with God.

Ave Maria, Kyrie Eleison.

Let me remember, let me remember,
Let me remember I am one with God.

This hymn to our connection with Souce was originally composed in 1985. Since then it has been recorded by artists worldwide: sung in the Vatican; with a choir of 50,000 devotees in an Indian ashram; at the College of Choirmasters of the Russian Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg, and in its twentieth year of publication, named "Chant of the Year" by the New Thought Songwriter's Tribute Awards.

This is a live recording of the chant; a choral version is recorded on Voices of the Heart: Choral Chants of Devotion

Track Time: 8:32

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