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Accept the suffering both within and around us, and our heart's capacity to transform
Healing Intent


Words and Music by Michael Stillwater
Breathe in the pain, breathe on out the love
Let my heart be a place
Where this world is changed forever.

There is a way my spirit can pray
For the peace of everyone
With every breath I take my heart is learning to make
The will of love be done.

Inspired by the Buddhist compassion practice of Tonglen, Breathe supports our acceptance and active engagement with what is, including the suffering and pain that we witness in our own and others' lives. The purpose is to awaken compassion by consciously transforming suffering in our heart, thereby reducing suffering in the world. "This world is changed forever" refers to a change in mind, reflected in the world, resulting in the kind of seeing in which life is seen as whole.

Track Time: 6:17

Featured Vocalist, Christina Quinn

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