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In The Name
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Connection with reality, with full intention to remember this connection.
Healing Intent:

In The Name

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
We sing in the Name of the One,
Eternal Infinite Being
Who has many Names
Yet is beyond all names and forms.
We come together for healing,
revealing who we are.

In The Name is an invocation acknowledging One Energy, recognized by mystics and quantum physicists alike, existing through everything, expressing as the universe. Each faith tradition holds It in reverence by the Name(s) sacred to that tradition. Furthermore, this One Energy is identified here as a Being, omniscient and omnipresent, including the whole universe yet simultaneously and paradoxically embracing it.

This Being, existing in a state of perpetual joy and undiminished by the limitations of the mind, is known in Sanskrit as Satchidananda, or ˜Existence-Knowledge-Bliss". The third phrase of the chant recognizes that our act of singing together is itself a healing practice, offering an opportunity to share ourselves with each other at both a personal and transpersonal level.

Track Time: 4:34

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