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Song of Paradise
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Coming to peace by feeling connected with everything.
Healing Intent:

Song of Paradise

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
This chant has been popular since its first release in 1982, often used in community celebrations and worship services as a congregational hymn. A reminder of the Divine existing within and through everything we see, evoking a Franciscan quality of appreciation and devotion.

Repeat each line

You're in the sun that shines upon my life, upon my life.
You're in the wind that blows my cares away, my cares away.
You're in the moon that shines through all my nights, through all my nights.
You're in the song that sings inside my heart, inside my heart.

Alleluia, thank you Lord, Alleluia, Amen.

You are the Source and Center of my life, of my life.

Alleluia, thank you Lord, Alleluia, Amen.

Track Time: 5:53

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