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One Light
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Peace that rises from realizing a shared spirituality within all humanity; anthem to Universal Spirit.
Healing Intent:

One Light

Words & Music by Michael Stillwater
There are many holy places and ways for us to pray
Many are the paths for you and me
But behind the many faces, behind the many ways
Behind the many colors that we see.

There is one light, shining forever
There is one light, which we're all made of
There is one light, healing us together
There is one light, the light of eternal love

And everyone who sees it knows the truth that we are one
For time could never change eternity
And living at the heart of all the teachers who have come
Reminding us that while there's many ways for us to see (Chorus)

It's in the sunlight streaming down upon us all
In the moonlit night it's touching everything
If in between the stars there are no walls at all
Then why on earth don't we join in to sing (Chorus)

Track Time: 5:02

Originally written for the dedication of the Lotus Shrine, a realized vision of beloved yoga master and spiritual teacher Sri Swami Satchidananda. The Lotus Shrine, residing on the banks of the James River in Virginia, is a gorgeous and awe-inspiring architectural demonstration of the univerality of Spirit, representing the harmonious acceptance and honoring of all paths to Truth. It may be visited in Buckingham, VA (contact

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